As lock-downs begin to ease, Americans are taking the opportunity to get out of the house, with certain precautions. But the time spent in quarantine has had its impact. Consumers who were previously jaded or oblivious to billboards and digital signage are now beginning to look on them as a sign of a return to some level of normality.
ooh-gains-steam-post-pandemic-2020Nearly half (45%) of US adults say they are noticing out-of-home advertising more than before, according to a recent survey performed by The Harris Poll on behalf of the Out of Home Advertising Association (OHAA). And they are not only noticing these ads more, but they are also being exposed more regularly, with 65% of respondents reporting attempting to get out of the house even for a drive or walk around town.

Other significant findings from the study include:

68% agree they spend so much time looking at screens they have learned to tune out digital online ads.
The majority (64%) anticipate their travel patterns will remain similar or decrease from pre-COVID levels, focusing on keeping trips closer to home.
56% of those planning to travel this holiday intend to use their personal vehicles to drive to their destination.
“After the challenges of lock-down, we are all enjoying time in our neighborhoods and beyond – with a greater appreciation for everything we experience outside of our homes,” said Anna Bager, OHAA president and chief executive officer. “This research has confirmed that OOH has the power to influence consumers as never before.”

The focus for Americans on getting out of the house, even if it isn’t far, is reshaping the face of advertising for consumer brands. This holiday season may be the time to change things up and push to reach consumers outside the home, where they are most likely to stop quickly for groceries, gas, or convenience.